Javelin Bipod

Carbon, 133g. Hurtig og nem fastgørelse med magnet, Flere længder, Passer perfekt i lommen.

Intro pris fra 1600,-dkk.

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Features of the Javelin

  • Is readily and easily removable from a rifle in one swift action.
  • Can be fitted to the rifle when needed in a split second.
  • Weighs 133 grams, a fraction of other bipod products on the market
  • Is very compact.
  • Has extendable legs.
  • Enables the shooter to rotate the rifle without having to pick up the bipod and reposition it. This allows moving targets to be followed.
  • Has a built-in Cant system so the rifle remains level on uneven ground.
  • ​Is constructed from hi-tech material to the highest specifications.
  • Has no springs, catches or other cumbersome and noisy components.
  • Is very quiet to use.
  • Is a modern solution to an old problem.
  • Even if you have many different hunting rifles, you only need one Javelin Bipod. The economics make sense.
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